PieceWork Magazine App Reviews

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Excellent Service!

For anyone who is having problems restoring past purchased issues of Piecework Magazine, please contact the developer. They have gone out of their way for me to be satisfied, and also have sent a follow-up email asking about my satisfaction. I have now had restored to me all the issues that I had purchased.


This developer is crap and should NOT be on the App Store. They take your money, then don’t give you what you paid for.

iPad Only - Don’t believe the description.

In spite of the fact that the app description specifies that it works on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, it is only compatible with the iPad. I didn’t discover this until I’d switched devices, and realized my paid subscription was now useless. I reached out to Interweave asking for a partial refund so that I could subscribe through another app that actually works on the iPhone, but they didn’t bother to respond.

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